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If you are wondering what this site is all about, I am a freelance diving photographer and journalist. I travel, go diving, take pictures, write about it, and make an income from publication and licence fees for my photography and writing. This site is mostly an on-line library of my photographs.

My work appears regularly in Diver Magazine and has appeared in all the other UK diving magazines and many more general magazines. I have also worked for many European diving magazines and a selection of diving magazines worldwide.

I was born on 25 February 1960, live in Bristol, England, and my nationality is British. I am married to Lyn who is also a diver, but not professionally (she has appeared in published photographs). For those who are into astrology, my sign is Pisces. I learned to dive in 1978 with the University of Bristol BSAC branch whilst studying for a degree in Physics. I graduated in 1981.

An interest in underwater photography developed to the point where I was effectively “semi-professional”. Encouraged by this, in 1998 I decided to pursue diving full time, concentrating on photography and writing, supported by instruction, creating diving web sites and anything else that puts my diving experience to good use.

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In March of 1999 I became an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS). My photography and this web site have won a few awards, including “highly commended” in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition for my picture of a spawning starfish.

The photography and writing career took off, particularly with support from Diver Magazine which regularly publishes my work. I still do a bit of professional instructing, but only enough to keep my qualifications current.

Over the years I have accumulated numerous diving qualifications. I have remained involved with University of Bristol as a diving instructor and have taught hundreds of students to dive. Many of my students are now instructors themselves. At the time of last update to this page I have completed just over 4,300 dives.

In 1998 I started using rebreathers and since then nearly all of my UK diving has been on rebreathers, but the vast majority of my overseas diving remains open circuit. With all the camera kit I fly with, carrying a rebreather as well is just not practical.

Prior to becoming a self-employed diving photographer and journalist I worked in the computer industry, mainly for IPL Information Processing Limited, based in Bath, England. If you are looking for a good employer in the IT industry, I can recommend them. My final position with IPL was Principal Consultant. My work included technical and management consultancy, project management, system design, programming, sales support, and development and presentation of training courses. Application areas ranged from safety critical avionics systems through to business workflow systems. I am a Chartered Engineer and Chartered IT Practitioner through the British Computer Society.

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